Balatonőszöd is located in the Southern Transdanubian region in Hungary, in the northern
part of Somogy county. It is located in the middle of the southern coast of Lake Balaton.

While the village itself is only 900 years old, archeological finds prove that people already
settled here around 3000 B.C. According to linguists, the name “Őszöd” was a simple
personal name, probably originating from the name of the first owner of the village.

The reason why the village is such a popular destination for tourists lies in its closeness to
Lake Balaton. The public beach of Balatonőszöd stands out of the ordinary with its vast green
areas. The calm, woodsy landscape is able to make visitors feel, “as if time had stopped”,
which is ideal for families and for those who would like to spend some time relaxing a little.
Thanks to recent developments, the public beach has now become able to serve the needs and
requirements of the visitors at a high standard of quality. Família Camping opened its doors to
campers in April 2022, only 700 meters from the public beach.

Balatonőszöd is part of the Balatonboglár wine region, so the winery plays an important role
in the life of the village. On the initiative of local winegrowers, the Öreg-hegyi pihenő was
completed, which offers an exquisite view of the surrounding landscape. On the outskirts of
the village, the newly built Androsics Estate and Wine Terrace awaits wine lovers.

Although cultural programs are mainly aimed at the local community, there are also a number
of events held during the summer that go beyond the village’s borders and attract those living
further away. Such programs include the Village Day on the fourth Saturday of each year, the
amateur chariot racing competition in July and the Assumption Day Feast, which has been
hosted by the Chapel of Mary since 2007.

The people of Balatonőszöd believe that by visiting the village and the attractions of the
region, and talking to the people here, tasting the wines of the farmers, and admiring the
scenery from the Szőlőhegyi Pihenő, you can truly get to know the real Balatonőszöd.

János Antal
Mayor of Balatonőszöd